During 2000-02, Laxmaiah Garika, headmaster for a Government primary school, researched the impact AIDS was taking on children in the Khammam District.  The study identified 454 affected children, and in response Laxmaiah and his wife Kalpana rani established “HAPPY HOME”,  HRUDAY ASSOCIATION FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE AND YOUNGS, opening in 2004. The home is supported by local friends and some other friends since 2004.

Mr.Laxmaiah and Mrs. Kalpana Rani overseas the home for the children, ostracized by their culture.  Some of the children have living parents afflicted with AIDS as well. Others have been orphaned by the disease. Happy home is dedicated to the children under its care;

  1. Providing a nurturing family environment, with awareness to hygiene and healthy food,
  2. Linking the children to available medical services,
  3. Maintaining educational development in the face of cultural barriers.

The 70+children at the Happy Home orphanage of children  All of these children have been impacted by HIV/AIDs.  They are either infected with the disease or their parents felt victim to it.

These children are considered “untouchables” in Indian society.  They are evicted from their homes, expelled from school and cast out all because of an illness they had no control over.

Not only will you be providing your child with food, clothing, and medical care and schooling… but you can also deliver to them a hug or a kiss on the forehead.

For $40 a month, your sponsorship will present a child with the essentials he or she so desperately needs. Your support will provide:

  • nutritious food
  • lodging
  • medical care, including instruction on basic health and hygiene
  • school uniforms and shoes
  • school books and supplies
  • the opportunity to experience life-changing love in a safe, loving environment