Happy Home Khammam

Happy Home adopts HIV born orphan kids and provides them boarding, lodging, education and medicine. Currently they have about 80 kids under their care. Happy home" is run by teacher Garika Lakshmiah and his wife. They have adopted over 80 HIV born orphan kids from Khammam, Nalgonda and Krishna districts, and providing service to them including lodging, boarding, medicine and education. They have also have identified over 400 HIV effected kids and are looking for donors to support them. Expenditure for these kids is $500 for each kid per year. We are requesting all philanthropists to contribute for this good social cause. Pleas drop a note in face book so that we can acknowledge your pledge.

Studies have established that childhood morbidity and mortality in India have been further aggravated by HIV infection. Loss of parents due to illness or death leads to depriving a child of the crucial and much needed emotional and physical support at a tender age, which is liable to be compounded in poorer households. Close relatives, too, shun AIDS orphans due to ignorance and societal norms, leaving such children in total isolation and depression to an extent where they may fall prey to unscrupulous elements. Such children have also been victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse for want of adequate protective measures, of which physical shelter constitutes one vital component..



A greater focus is on educational development. All the children are attending the school nearby Govt.schools. There are 58 children in the Center now. Their ages are from 3-15 years.Another 10 children are  in UNDER SCHOOL AGE in the happy home.During the year we have provided nutritional food to children, especially milk, for eight small children in the home, who had faced malnutrition problems through their environment. There are small children infected with HIV and are in poor health.HAPPY HOME  takes them to visit the doctor to have medical checks every week. HAPPY HOME keep in contact with the health personnel in the hospital in order to be able to refer cases when there is sickness.


Providing a nurturing family environment, with awareness to hygiene and healthy food, Linking the children to available medical services. Maintaining educational development in the face of cultural barriers.Laxmiah Garika is an honest, passionate man providing dedicated services to abandoned discriminated, orphaned HIV born children. Many of these infected kids have been discriminated in their villages, prohibited from sharing a classroom with other children or even using a toilet. Some cases have gone extreme to the point where village elders decided to poison the food of the poor children.