Happy Home Background

Mr.Lakshmaiah calls this group of variable number as his family. Some of these children die prematurely. the family decrease in size and then there are new entrants into the family fold.
During 2000-02, Laxmaiah Garika,Headmaster for a government primary school, researched the impact of AIDS was taking on children in the Khammam District. The study identified 454 affected children, and in response Laxmaiah and his wife Kalpana Rani established "HAPPY HOME", HRUDAY ASSOCIATION FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE AND YOUNGS, opened in 2004. The Home is Supported by local friends and families since 2004.

Studies have established that childhood morbidity and mortality in India have been further aggravated by HIV infection. Loss of parents due to illness or death leads to depriving a child of the crucial and much needed emotional and physical support at a tender age, which is liable to be compounded in poorer households.

Close relatives, too, shun AIDS orphans due to ignorance and societal norms, leaving such children in total isolation and depression to an extent where they may fall prey to unscrupulous elements. Such children have also been victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse for want of adequate protective measures, of which physical shelter constitutes one vital component. Food, clothing and shelter constitute the three most fundamental requirements for any human being. If viewed in a very general sense, the term shelter would imply a four-walled and roofed structure in which one can reside. However, in a more profound sense, a shelter is a sanctuary or refuge for protecting oneself and feeling secure, constituting a crucial component of any person's physical and mental wellbeing.

When hale and hearty adult individuals cannot do without the feeling of security provided by a shelter, would orphaned and abandoned children affected and infected by HIV and AIDS be demanding too much if they ask for a safe haven over their heads? The answer is an emphatic "NO." Being subject to rampant harassment from all corners becomes a way of life for such children.


When landlords come to know about the positive HIV status of any family member, they invariably ask them to move out. Instances have come to light where relatives have moved into houses of children in distress and offered to provide emotional and physical support.
After a while, these very relatives evict the child, and gain control over her/his rightful inheritance.Right from its inception in May 2004, Happy Home has been a source of refuge and support for children in need of care and assistance. Currently, the home accommodates 80+ children between the ages of 3 and 15 years, who have been required to seek shelter here for various reasons. With the number of such children showing no signs of abatement, Happy Home's present premises is inadequate to render them appropriate service. For instance, facilities, such as proper kitchen, dining room, reading room, playground, garden area and vehicle parking area, among others, are very much lacking.
The growing concern in ones right life style caught the attention of every individual worldwide with the emergence of just one word-HIV/AIDS. The symptoms and its incurable nature has caught a grip of fear on everyone in such a way that anyone who hears it name wants to run away from it as far as possible. In times like these there is one couple in Khammam district who would go to any lengths if that word is associated to a kid. The husband's name isLaxmaiah Garika who belongs to a village near Sujatha Nagar and is a humble teacher.
And the wife's name is Kalpana Rani who belongs to Badrachalam and studied aeronautical engineering. Together they run an institution named 'Happy Home' where kids affected with HIV/AIDS are taken into shelter and taken care of. In different incidents taken place in his life,Laxmaiah Garika has seen the helplessness of the kids affected by this disease, bearing the punishment they didn't commit. This invoke a desire in him that he has to do something for the kids. Kalpana who loved helping others from a very early age happily agreed to her husband. Taking an advice from a nun they started adopting kids who were affected by this disease. And thus 'Happy Home' was found where they live along with their two kids and the adopted kids. But even this couple had to come over the obstacles posed by the narrow minded society.
The constantly nagging of the owners to vacate when they found out about the kids, schools not admitting them for education, neighbors who behave cruelly towards the kids and the list goes endless.And all this due to the fear that they might be infected. "All sit together and eat. Our kids play with them. We give medicines to the HIV prone kids every day.
Sometimes they are down with upset stomachs, vomitings and fever. My two kids might also get these. But there is no way that they would get HIV. Many people fear the disease due to all the wrong ideas they have about it. To our bad luck even the doctors keep fearing it..."
says Kalpana.Though they hung a board of 'Happy Home' in their hearts they never did so outside their home. And the only reason is that they don't want the people passing by to look at it and talk that these are the kids with AIDS. The couple strives to give the kids a normal life and to keep them happy as long as they live.At present Happy Home is a three portion flat in Khammam where they all live together under one roof.