Happy Home Founder

Mr.Laxmaiah Garika

Laxmiah Garika is an honest, passionate man providing dedicated services to abandoned discriminated, orphaned HIV born children. Many of these infected kids have been discriminated in their villages.......

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Mr.Lakshmaiah, aged 35 year old school teacher with an M.B.A degree. This is Mr Kalpana, Lakshmaiah's wife. An Aeronautical Engineer by training. These are Pratishtitha and Ashrith Daniel, the children of this young couple....

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  • Navya and her older sister, Maneesha came to live at Happy Home in April of 2010.  Despite having the appearance of a toddler Navya is 4 years old.  She was home the first day we came to Happy Home and stared at each of us, without showing any emotion and not really responding to anything we did.  Just looking at us and taking everything in with her massive brown eyes.She didn’t smile, she didn’t laugh, she didn’t say anything.Navya and Maneesha are HIV-positive.  They contracted the virus from their mother, but their father was unaware of this.  
  • Venkatesh is a 16 year old orphan suffering from HIV. Both of his parents died of HIV six years ago. Venkatesh has two older sisters, and following the parents' death, he and the younger unmarried sister were sent to live with grandparents. The grandparents arranged for the marriage of the younger sister, leaving Venkatesh alone with them. As the grandparents grew older they felt unable to properly care for their ailing grandson, and all other relatives refused to take him in.
  • Renuka She is one of the most beautiful girls. Being taller than most of the girls at Happy Home, Renuka sat in back of all the other girls in the left most corner, quietly staring at all of us.There was something different about her that. She was much more timid and serious than the other girls and never did anything to draw attention to herself. Renuka is the oldest of 3 children, she has a younger sister named Lalitha (who also lives at Happy Home) and a younger brother. Renuka, like her parents and brother, is HIV-positive.
  • Pasha recently turned 15 years old, but due to illness he is about the size of 9 year old . Pasha is the orphaned child of a Muslim father and Hindu mother. He is one of three children. His father, a driver, died nine years ago from HIV and TB. After his father's death, Pasha's mother moved the family to her parent's home, where she passed away three years later. Pasha is HIV positive. After he was diagnosed, his grandfather, with whom he was living, attempted to kill him because he did not want a child with HIV living in his home.